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How To Escape The Self-Employment Trap

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The typical small business is a self-employment trap for its owner because of three serious problems.. Problem 1: Success and income are trapped against a glass ceiling and can go no further, because the owner must control everything. A business that is dependent on the owner for most of its production limits its income. One person can only do so much and no more. Problem 2: Problem one puts everything at great risk. If the owner stops working or gets hurt, the business could die. Everyone is at risk: owner, family, employees, customers, vendors, and investors. Problem 3: The owner is trapped by his own...

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How To Get Better Results For Less Money

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Your business was forced to change over the last few years and you may not even be aware of the change, but you’d better be.   What’s changed is how your customers find you, or fail to find you. A large part of the advertising you’ve been paying for is no longer working for you.  Advertising is moving fast from print and broadcast to digital.   This is a major change, especially for small businesses.  Large corporations can still layout huge amounts of money for advertising, marketing campaigns, and public relations.   But even the big boys are spending more and getting less for their...

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3 Ways To Attract Customers Like A Magnet

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Tweet Inbound marketing attracts people to your business like a magnet. There are three things you can do to increase the magnetic power of your online marketing and make more sales. People now research, shop online. Therefore, businesses that get the most from their Website and online presence will attract the most shoppers, prospects, and customers. 1. Analyze your website and update it. Many websites are zombies, or at best outdated. They have outdated prices or information on them, and their content focuses on the business, not on the client. Polish your website words until they sparkle! Make it easy...

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25 Ways To Maximize Business Value

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Approximately 80% of a business owner’s net worth is their business, it is estimated by business intermediaries. Therefore it behooves business owners to take every step possible to increase the value of their business. As a financial advisor to small businesses for many years, I’ve identified several ways an owner can maximize the value of his or her small business.   1. Financial Statements: Produce and maintain clean financial statements and update them monthly. Not only will this increase the value of a business, it will increase its value to lenders, stockholders, and potential buyers. 2. Bank...

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