Cold Calling Will Never Be Dead

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Many years ago I attended a sales convention where a crowd of salesmen surrounded Alex, the top salesman in the company by several million dollars annually. Everyone was eager to ask Alex how he did it.

I only remember two questions and two answers from the exchange that went on for nearly an hour.

Q: Alex, what do you do that gets the best results?
A: Cold calling.

Q: Alex, what do you like the least about this job?
A: Cold calling.

I’ve been in sales, sales management, and sales training for nearly 40 years, and I’ve never proven Alex wrong.

Cold calling is hard, but it is simple. Selling is simple.  Selling is not easy, but it’s simple!

People win a lot of business with cold calling.  It is the only sales technique over which you have total and absolute control.

It depends on effort and execution.

Cold calling is cheap.  It gets sales results in a hurry.  You get immediate feedback.  You can change strategy instantly.  Nobody gets in your way.

Cold calling gets results.  

Accept for referrals, it is the most effective way to get new business.  It also is the most time and cost efficient way to engage with potential customers, especially those who have not declared themselves as being in the market.

Not successful?

If you’re not successful, you have two choices:

  • Seek help and improve
  • Give up and claim it doesn’t work

Even in the Internet age, cold calling is the quickest, least expensive way to get new sales.  You don’t need a huge advertising and marketing budget to make it work.

Successful salespeople form the habit of doing things that unsuccessful salespeople don’t like to do.

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