Do New Ideas Stretch Your Mind or Give You A Headache?

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Effective and creative people usually have fluid, flexible, adaptive minds. They are willing to do four things that set them apart as special people:

  1. Admit when they’re wrong.
  2. Face up to mistakes.
  3. Be flexible with new information.
  4. Cut their losses.

 Admit It When You Are Wrong:  Simply say, “I was wrong.”  Many people are so concerned with being right that all their mental energy is consumed by stonewalling, bluffing, blaming, and denying. If you’re wrong, admit it, and get on to the solution or the next step.

Face Up To Mistakes:  Ineffective and non-creative people think it’s a sign of weakness to say, “I made a mistake.” On the contrary, it is actually a sign of mental maturity, personal strength, and individual character. Remember, everybody makes mistakes every single day.

Be Flexible With New Information:  Effective and creative people easily say, “I changed my mind.” It’s amazing how many uncomfortable situations people get into, and stay in, because they’re unwilling or afraid to admit that they’ve changed their minds.

Cut Your Losses: If you get new information, or if you find that you feel differently about a previous decision, accept that you have changed your mind, and don’t let anyone or anything back you into a corner. If a decision does not serve your best interests as you see them now, swallow your pride and have the courage to cut your losses, to change your mind, and then get on to better things.

Here are two ways to break out of narrow thinking patterns and become more creative.

  1. Be willing to admit that you are not perfect.  You make mistakes, you are wrong on a regular basis. Everybody is.  This is a mark of intelligence and courage.
  2. When faced with new information, be willing to change your mind. Most of what you know about your business today will change completely in few years, so be the first to recognize it.

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