Sales Tip: Identifying Your Ideal Prospect

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Who Is Your Ideal Prospect?

Prospects are everywhere.  Theoretically, your telephone directory is full of prospects, but it doesn’t make sense to start contacting everyone in your telephone directory; they’re just suspects.

How do you determine who your prospects are?  First, you define a prospect.

Defining a prospect

A prospect is more than a name on a list.  Names on a list are just suspects.  You can identify a prospect by doing a small amount of detective work and some reasoning.  A prospect is a person who is favorably inclined to purchase what you’re selling.

A prospect must satisfy four requirements.  All four.  If any of the four is missing, you don’t have a good prospect.  A prospect maybe, but not a good one.  To be successful in selling, you ideally should just call on good prospects.

A prospect must:

  1. Have a need for your product or service and acknowledge the need.
  2. Have a desire to satisfy the need.
  3. Have the ability to pay for your product or service.
  4.  Be approachable by you under favorable circumstances.

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