Do You Want To Sell Your Business or Just Sell More Business?

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I’m often asked, “Harvey, what do you do?”

My answer is, “I help people sell their business, and I help people sell more business.

That may sound strange, but it isn’t.  More than 80% of businesses cannot be sold for any price, not even by skilled business intermediaries.

The main reason they cannot be sold, is their sales volume isn’t large enough to attract a buyer for the business.

Many businesses don’t even have a salesperson, much less a sales manager. Those businesses are dependent on customers walking in the door, calling on the phone, or sending an email.

Just one step better is the business whose owner is personally responsible for sales.  The problem is the owner knows his business, but often doesn’t know how to sell, or simply doesn’t have time to sell.  Typically that’s the reason they don’t have sales volume large enough to be really profitable and attractive to potential buyers.

That’s when I put on my sales trainer, sales teacher, sales mentor hat, because a business owner’s job isn’t what they do, it is selling what they do.

I train, teach, and coach salespeople.  I train, teach, and coach sales managers. 

I help business owners sell their business, or if they don’t want to sell, I help them sell more business.  That translates into higher profits.


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