How To Get Better Results For Less Money

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Your business was forced to change over the last few years and you may not even be aware of the change, but you’d better be.   What’s changed is how your customers find you, or fail to find you.

A large part of the advertising you’ve been paying for is no longer working for you.  Advertising is moving fast from print and broadcast to digital.   This is a major change, especially for small businesses.  Large corporations can still layout huge amounts of money for advertising, marketing campaigns, and public relations.   But even the big boys are spending more and getting less for their money.  Unless you have deep, deep pockets, you’re spending more and more and getting less and less.

Now here’s the good news!  The reality is that you can get better results for virtually no money.  All you need is a computer and Internet access.   And . . . a radical change in your approach to marketing.  You need to go digital.

The beauty of going digital, is that most business people still see digital channels of communications as a joke.  They simply don’t take it seriously, but it is serious.   It’s more than a time suck.  The time you spend getting your business visible online through the variety of channels available to you is like digging in a vain of pure gold.  And it’s free.

“The good news,” says Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation, “is that the more people think like that, the wider the opportunity is for you to do your thing, make your own noise, and grow your online community and business while they look around wondering what’s happening to their market share.”

Your business is not what you do, it’s marketing what you do.  Now you can do more with less!

Marketing with blogging, email, and social media answers these two big questions:

1. How can I attract leads, prospects, and business opportunities without actively selling?

2. Is there a way to connect with and gain the trust of prospects and customers?

The answer is “yes,” but you must change the way you think, because these new ways of marketing seem counter to everything we know about sales and marketing.

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook can help you find and attract new audiences of prospects, partners, and suppliers.

Social media opens low-cost marketing opportunities by pulling prospects to you without overt sales and marketing messages which people are becoming more and more skilled at blocking and avoiding.

I recommend two excellent books to get you started in social media marketing:

The Tao of Twitter by Mark W. Schaefer and Launch: How To Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond The Competition by Michael A. Stelzner.  Both are available at



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