One Thing You Can’t Hide

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Knowledge is power, and knowledge is available to everyone.  If you remain ignorant, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.  How far you climb on the pyramid of achievement is determined to a large extent by your knowledge. Teach your youngsters and impress upon them the importance of knowing their language.

You can’t know everything, so where do you start?  Scientific and educational studies show a clear correlation between language skills and achievement of every kind.

You may live in the finest home in the most affluent neighborhood, drive the most expensive car, and dress in designer clothes, but the minute you open your mouth and begin to speak, you reveal your level of knowledge.

It’s the one thing you can’t hide.

Blake Clark, writing in Reader’s Digest, said, “Tests of more than 350,000 persons from all walks of life show that, more often than any other measurable characteristic, knowledge of the exact meaning of a large number of words accompanies outstanding success.”

Scientist Johnson O’Connor tested executives and managers in 39 manufacturing companies, and the results showed dramatic and definite differences in their vocabulary.  In virtually every case, vocabulary correlated with executive level and income.

Tests show without exception that high scores on vocabulary tests were the top income group.  The lowest were in the lowest income group.

Children with the best grades have the best vocabularies.  Teach your youngsters the importance of knowing their language.

Everything in the vast storehouse of knowledge, and knowledge is growing rapidly, has a label.  These names and words make up our language.  The more words you know, and can use properly, the easier it is to learn.

Your language, more than anything else, determines the level of your education, your knowledge.  You don’t know anything you haven’t learned, and you haven’t learned anything you can’t remember.

Make learning easier by learning your language, by learning the meaning of a large number of words.  Keep a dictionary on your desk, and carry one with you in your briefcase.  When you hear or read a word you don’t know, look it up in your dictionary.

A thesaurus also is helpful to have in your personal library, so you can learn the many synonyms of the words you know.  So learning the meaning of one word can lead to your learning the meaning of several other words.

Language is the key to studying and learning everything else.  It is the key to achievement.

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