What are you thinking?

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If you are in a funk, it’s your own fault!

That is the truth, even if you think it’s a heartless thing for me to say.  What you think about is your responsibility.  You are in control.

What you think is the only thing that matters.  The reason is simple.  This was known in ancient times. The writer of Proverbs in the Old Testament wrote about it.

  • You become what you think about.
  • You have control over what you think about.  
  • You have control over what you allow to bother you.
  • The way you feel is not someone else’s fault.
  • Negativity and spoiled attitudes are not the result of some cosmic conspiracy.  

It is common belief today in some circles that life would be amazing if bad things didn’t derail us.

But that is dead wrong.

Nothing “happens to you”.

That’s nonsense you tell yourself to avoid the harsh reality that you are responsible for your malaise.

If you sit around and think about how miserable your life is, you’ll never be anything but sad, bitter, and jealous.  

But . . . if you think you’re going to be successful, eventually you probably will be.

It’s how your brain is wired.

Science now shows us that our brain goes out of its way to identify and collect memories that align with our existing memories.  Studies show that the brain regulates this behavior by releasing neuro-transmitters that shut down reasoning that contradicts what we want to believe.  At the same time, this new neural behavior excites new ideas that bolster our existing logic.

What we start thinking about, we tend to think about more, and in time becomes habit ingrained in the brain’s subconscious.  That kind of thinking includes our every decision or priority.

Think about your thinking.  Only allow the most important things to stay in your thoughts.

  • Avoid negative people like your life depends on it.  They’ll get you out of balance.
  • Schedule time for physical exercise.  It’ll make you more rational.
  • Devote time to planning and priorities.  Uncertainty short-circuits the brain.
  • Learn something from unfair criticism. If you can handle the worst, everything else is easy.
  • Use notes and memos to remind you to think right.
  • Read something uplifting or inspirational every day.

You will become what dominates your thoughts. 

  • Your future is up to you.
  • It’s not a matter of chance or luck.
  • It’s what you allow yourself to think about!

Thought is an awesome creative force.


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