24 Business & Personal Skills To Master NOW!

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You can stay ahead in your career by brushing up on each of these 24 vital skills.

Whether you’re seeking your first job, a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, or a business owner the business skills you should master are the same.

  1. Self-Confidence: Nobody will have a higher opinion of you than you have of yourself.  To get others to believe in you, you must believe in you.
  2. Positive Attitude: When times are tough—and they will be—your positive attitude will boost your morale and the morale of everyone you influence.
  3. Listening: Being a good listener is a sigh of respect and patience for others.  It arguably is the number on people skill.
  4. Communication: Concise writing, careful listening, and effective speaking are things you cannot hide.
  5. Analytical: Develop the ability to see the big picture.  Assess the situation, gather information, seek multiple perspectives, and apply sound judgement in making your decisions.
  6. Computer/Technical: If you don’t have these skills, get them or you will be left behind.
  7. Adaptability:  Show your value by demonstrating a willingness to learn new skills and assume new responsibilities.
  8. People Skills: Work—anywhere really—is all about people.  Learn to understand, accept, and get along with different personalities.
  9. Leadership/Management: Whether you’ve advanced to a management position or not, your leadership skills are important because they demonstrate initiative.  Don’t wait to be told to do a job or take on a responsibility.  A willingness to take the lead or solve a problem will get you noticed.
  10. Planning/Organization: Demonstrate your ability to take a task from beginning to end and finish it on time.
  11. Problem-Solving: Problem solving is important at all levels of an organization
  12. Teamwork: Valuable employees are team players committed tot he organization’s goals.
  13. Loyalty: Loyalty cuts both ways top to bottom, bottom to top.  Every one feels better knowing who has their back.
  14. Integrity: This tops the list of personal values sought by both employers and employees.
  15. Flexibility: Be willing to leave your comfort zone.
  16. Dedication: Show you care.  People don’t care much about what you know until they see how much you care.
  17. Reliability: Prove you can be counted on.
  18. Professionalism: This covers a host of behaviors from being fair and responsible to never being petty.
  19. Willingness to Learn: Jobs constantly change.  Adopt the I.C.A.N. attitude: Improvement. Constant And Never-ending.
  20. Ability to Work Independently: A counter part of teamwork.  Being a self-starter who performs well with minimal supervision distinguishes you in the workplace.
  21. Respect for Others: The way you treat people from bottom to top reflects on you.  Treat everyone the same, with respect and courtesy.
  22. Patience: It’s easy to forget others when you’re concerned for yourself, but show respect for others by being patient.
  23. Willingness to Conduct Research: Go the extra mile to learn all you can, then question and verify what you’ve learned.
  24. Time Management: Effective time management ensures you will meet deadlines and goals.  Avoid the tyranny of the urgent.  Work on the important things, not just the urgent


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