How To Know What Your Customer Really Thinks About You

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An important component of growth is effective communication with customers.

You expect all employees to pass information up the ladder to top management, but the more employees you have the more difficult it becomes.

It may take too long.  

It can also be neglected, especially if the feedback is negative, and employees feel the need to protect themselves from blame.

Growth challenges the ability of management to stay informed. This makes investing in good employees vital to your success, because they work directly with customers.

Hire friendly, energetic, and confident employees who can set your customers at ease and encourage them to talk freely about the service and quality they receive from you.

You must trust your people.  

You can train them, you can spend endless hours, and you expect them to execute.  But sometimes they don’t.

You need to put yourself out there.  

Make it easy for customers to communicate directly with top management and owners via email, and answer every concern promptly.

To improve communication, empower customers to contact senior executives directly through email. Back up the gesture by making sure each concern is addressed.

It’s a brave thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do, because everyone needs to have access to you, and you need to know.

Listen and respond.

You want your customers to feel comfortable about communicating with you.  Listening to their concerns and responding to them will give them that comfort level.

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